Reservation Note Template

A reservation note template is the letter or document for reserving specific place, room or table. The reservation notes are used in various occasions such as, marriage ceremonies, parties, functions, conference of business and other events. Reservation is a complete procedure of booking. For travelling to one place to other place you first reserved the room in hotel. The most important details which are mentioned on the reservation are following; name of customer, name of guests who are invited, date of venue, time of venue, time period of event, contact address number details and special recommendation.

Nowadays online reservation note templates are used for reserve the seats in trains, buses and airlines. Hotel rooms are also reserved by online form. Today reservation notes are more used in ceremonies and conferences. In nowadays the reservation software are advanced as soon as reservation enter in the system it show the status of reserved. This mean the reservation is assigned by the individual and it is not available to other clients for this time. In modern era people used emails, online websites, mobile phones instead of reservation note.

Table Reservation Note

Thank you very much for reserving _____________________ table for __________________________ (Dinner, Lunch)  at our restaurant. Please note that your reservation will be held only up to ___________________ (Time) afterward your reservation will consider cancelled. We are hopeful, you will enjoy your meal.


Hotel Reservation Note

Dear Mr. ______________,

I am pleased to confirm you that suit # 10 on the 6th Floor is available and has been reserved for you and your family for the night of ___________________________ (Day and date).
We are looking forward to welcome you and wish you very happy journey. if there is anything else I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to call me.

Yours Sincerely