Order Note Template

Order note template is an official document in which the history of order, mechanical entries and historical records are mentioned when any action take place in the order such as payments or shipping. There are also some other notes or manual entries which is input by the customer or vendor. The order note template containing the directions and instructions which are follows by the employees who receive the order note. The order note template is issued by the authority and employees working under low level are obligated to accept these notes. Order notes are the best way of communication between the authority and employees.

Order note templates are used to send direct messages to the customer, the message may b e-mail to the person or recorded on the order note. These notes are used to transmit the matter concerning such as; suspension, transfer, promotion, posting and time period of working shifts. Order note templates explain the order of the offices very clearly and format of order note is very simple. Order note are also included the instructions for work, lunch break and any order take place in a day is recorded on the order note.

_________ _______________ ___________

____________ ________
________, __ ________


Dear _______________,

We would like to purchase (Qty) Eight (08) ________ __________ (Model # _______________), Specification: ____________________________, _____________________________, _________________, all in the color _______. We would like you to charge this purchase to the preexisting business account #________________________, bank name: ________________ _________________.

We hope to receive this order no later than (Day), (Month) 00, 0000. Attached to this order note, find our shipping method and receiving address. Please confirm that you received this order note by calling us at 00-000000-0000 from (day) to (day), timing; 00:00 to 00:00.

Thank you for your cooperation

____________ _________________ -__