Medical Note Template

A Medical note template is a document which is written by the qualified doctor of health care or physician provides accurate and complete information about the medical history, diagnosis and treatment of patient. Normally the medical notes are the proof and record of the patient health and every medical related incident happened to patient since birth. Diseases, major or minor illness, major injuries and growth landmarks of patient are mentioned in incidents. The medical note template is also known as medical certificate. Medical certificate are generally used by the employees which are absent from the organization because of illness this document is indisputable proof for them.

The medical note templates of patient contains following information; patient name, date of inspection, family history, surgical history, social history, habits (smoking, drinking, exercise and diet), vaccinations records, growth charts, medical encounters, history of present illness, progress notes and result of latest tests. Nowadays peoples are recommended for regular checkup and medical notes because of awareness about their health. Medical certificate templates are also necessary for the visa of other countries the report is mentioned on visa file of the individual.

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Certificate of Medical Consultation

Jennifer Mackintosh was under my care on  10/12/2016, he/she will be able to return to school/work on  10/16/2016.

Comments from the Physician:

Patient suffering from chronic Bronchitis requires 4 days of rest for recovery.

Physical contact of any kind is discouraged, including face to face interaction with

family, co-workers or acquianteneces.

Additional recovery guidelines:

  • Herbal tea 3 times daily
  • 8-10 hours of sleep nightly
  • Reduced physical efforts
 Rx   IC AMOXICILLIN 500 MG CAPSULE1 x 3 times daily
 DMcClarkson, MD