Instruction Note Templates

The act of communicate or convey the instructions, direction and order of some specific item how to do them in right way are known as instruction note templates. The instruction note is mostly used in mechanical working and tells how to control the program. The instruction notes include the information about some item so that the notes are certain format. The instruction note templates are like caution notes to beware of any damages and hazards. The instruction notes are manually recorded in work place. The purpose of these note are quick guidelines for working knowledge and understand how to control and use them.

It is commanded that the instruction note templates are used to grasping additional data which help in solving the problems. In schools the teacher gives the instruction notes to the students how to make your notes, hoe to prepare in exams and how you achieve good marks and many other instruction notes are given to the students. Instruction note templates are manually printed on white paper and posted on the wall or board. Each and every employee has to follow the instructions while working in organization.

Name: __________________

Address: 0000 Location,
_____________, City, Zip Code


Dear ___________,

If you are reading this, it means I have passed away. This is not supposed to be a sad time but a celebration of the life I have lived…

I want to distribute the following assets to the following people (this will all be verified by my will). I wish to give my house to my daughter, Jane. She always loved that house, and I think she would be the best caretaker of it when I am gone.

I wish to give my two (2) cars to my son Richard. He always loved driving to the farm with me in them.


I wish for everyone to enjoy these gifts.



_____________  _____________

I___________________________     , custodial parent of _________________________

_____________________________________________________ have made the following arrangements for the care of my dependent family members in the event I am not available to provide the proper care due to absence for military service or emergency which would require me to be away from them for an extended period of time:

  1. ____________________________________________________ [temporary guardian] has been given legal authority to care for my children until the designated OCONUS escort can transport the children or the long-term guardian(s) can arrive to care for them in this location or can arrive to transport them to the guardian’s residence where they will remain until my return.

  2. It is my intention, and my agreement with the long-term guardian(s) is, that this transfer in custody of my children is temporary and is caused by my duties as _________________, in the United States _________________________________ (branch of service), that the physical care and custody of the long-term guardian will be effective only during my deployment, and that my children will be returned to my care and custody immediately following my deployment.

  3. Should it be necessary to contact any of the persons involved in the transportation, support or care for my children, the following information is provided:

    Designated: _____________________________________________________________

    Local, short-term child care provider or child development center:



    Designated long-term guardian: _________________________________________________