Delivery Note Template

The document explains the consignment of goods and allocate the explanation, quantity and quality f the goods is known as delivery note template. Delivery notes are used to confirm the delivery of goods to buyer. Buyer then signed the delivery note and sent it to the consignor to make it clear that the goods have been delivered according to the given condition. Delivery note template describes the package details including the detail of type and quantity of goods. Delivery note makes shipment more easily and comfortable to your client and also expand your professional image. The use of delivery note is not compulsory while in international trading the delivery notes are used on regular basis.

Although the delivery note templates are optional but have some requirements and contains the following information; detail about the seller and buyer, date of issue, date of deliver goods, number and description of the product, quantity of each type of goods, reference to invoice and signature or stamped by the purchaser confirmed the delivery of goods is received. Goods can be listed according to their particular product number and delivery note usually does not contain the prices of products. Company logo is also mentioned on the document. The delivery note template may also contain the information of bank accounts of seller for contact and payment.

Delivery Note

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