Caution Note Templates

Caution note templates are statements or symbols which are used for warning from any danger, these are also called warning statements. These notes are used for alerting the peoples from damages. Caution note contains some warning notes and symbol of danger. The visual format of caution note template is used as more effectiveness so that we clearly manifest the instruction and also from each other. The caution notes are may be of two types; the step do not do or ignoring the above results. The caution notes are used in every place and also on electronic devices for saving you from damages and injuries.

The cautions note templates statements are used for alerting you by the scenario that can be probably dangerous for you and cause damage to your electronic products, software or hardware data and firmware. While the danger note state condition and situation that is deadly harmful or extremely dangerous for you. The safety note templates and statements are also mentioned on these notes for your guidance how to safe from the danger. People want to read these caution and danger notes to avoid the major or minor injuries.

According to said investigation you and several Apprentice Seamen saw fit to play some form of dodge ball on the aircraft landing pads with a navy issued rucksack.

You needn’t be reminded that this area of the amphibious transport dock is to be used only for aircraft taking off and landing, not for leisure. As a superior to the Apprentices you demonstrated a flagrant lack of leadership and respect for the rules.

I am willing to issue you a non punitive caution on this occasion, but any further behavior of this sought will not be tolerated.

Our investigation determined that on ___________Month 00, 0000, you acquired the uniform of ___________ _____ and proceeded to run a mock version of a routine drill, instructing newly recruited privates to run in a circle wearing their underwear.

While we appreciate that all those involved were eventually aware that this was a joke, and ___________ _____ would go on to join in the antics, we feel this was a great lapse in judgment that could have gone too far. Impersonating a superior in some circumstances can result in imprisonment, and if you had taken this charade outside, or attempted to gain access to restricted areas you would be facing serve punishment.