Absent Note Templates

Absent note templates are documents which are used in case of absent from the school and it is written by the parents or guardian of the student stating the reason of absent. Absent note is also known as excuse note. The students which are absent for three days or more than three days they have to submit the absence note as soon as possible. Absence note template is good communication key between the teacher and the student. These notes are also used when you arrived late at school the partial absence note is submitted in the school office with the explanation of arriving late.

If the parents want that the children absent from the school by some reason for example attend the marriage ceremony, going out for picnic with family or participate in any events in the family the parents have to register their absence note in advance at school office to inform the school. Commonly all absent note templates consist of same information such as; children name, parents or guardian name and signed by them, contact details of the parents, reason of absent and the date of absence note. If the student is absent for 1 week due to illness than it is necessary for the student to attach the doctor note with absence note otherwise the absent note is not accepted by the school administration.

Respected Sir,

My son, ___________, in your class, will be unable to attend classes on (Day) in order to observe the _____________________ (Event). I understand that there was not official holiday by school, but it was very important day in our religion.

I hope you can understand and I would greatly appreciate it if you can provide __________ the assignments that he will miss on (Day). Thank you very much.



Mother: ______________

Honorable Sir __________________,

My daughter, _____________ (Name here) in 6th grade, was absent on ________ (day) because her grandfather passed away. __________________ was quite close with her grandfather and was very sad to hear the news.

My wife and I thought it would be a good idea to stay home with her. The funeral is expected to be this ___________(day) and so she will have to leave school at 1:00 pm after lunch.

If you could send her the missing assignment from ___________(day) and any work that she will miss on ___________(day), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.



Father: _____________

Dear Dr. _________________,

I apologize for missing your lecture last ___________(day), but unfortunately I had to deal with an unforeseen family event. I am very keen student so I’m hoping you may have a spare note sheet so I can catch up? If this is not possible I will happily seek notes from a classmate.


__________ ___________
Roll: 000000 , Class: __________

Dear Mrs _________________,

My son, ____________________, who is in class _______________, was unable to attend school on _______(Date) _____________day, because he came down with a vomiting bug and spent the previous night quite ill. I decided the best course of action was to keep him off school in case he became sick in the day or passed on the bug to any classmates. He’ll be happy to catch up with any work missed.

Mom: ________________

Signed: ________________

Dear Sir/madam _________________________,

My son/daughter was unable to attend school on (date) due to high fever. She/he is still under medications and need complete rest. Please excuse him/her in to the classroom today. I ll catch up you later with missing class work.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


​Name of Supervisor ________________________________,
Title: ___________________
Address: ________________________________
City: ____________,

Date: _______________________

SUBJECT: Requesting Medical Leave of Absence

Respected Supervisor,

This note is to request leave of absence for medical reasons. I will be having a __________________ on [DATE] and will not be able to work for next two days. I shall try to return to work on [DATE] if the recovery goes well. I have included a medical note from my doctor which states the need for rest. If any other medical records are required, I will be happy to supply them.

I greatly appreciate your kind consideration in granting me this leave.


Name: _________________________
Designation: ___________________________
Signature: ________________________

Dear __________________________,

Please excuse my daughter ____________ _____________ of section _______ for being absent for the last four days. She has been sick with the flu. I also had to take her to the doctor for a medical check-up and report is attached.

I hope you would kindly allow her to make up for the lessons and exams she missed during her absence.

Thank you for your consideration on the matter.


Father: ___________________

Signature: ________________

Respected Sir:

Through this I, __________________, Director of the _______________ Department of the Company ______________ _______________, with identification no 000000000, want to request that I can not be present at the special meeting to be held on _______ 00th, 0000.

The reason for my absence is due to illness. Today I did some check-ups because I have trouble breathing. The doctor ordered me four days of medical rest since it resulted to be a lung problem which if not treated could get worse. (medical record is attached with this note)


Name: ________________________